Blackberry Removal Vancouver WA

Blackberry Removal

Blackberry Removal Vancouver WA
Blackberry bushes can provide wonderful fruit, but they are also a very invasive plant that will take over the space where other plants grow. They can be hard to eradicate, so if you are looking for a blackberry removal in Vancouver, WA, Breaking Ground Excavation, Inc has the expertise and equipment to do it right. We work hard to excavate the groupings of roots and the crowns so that the bushes don’t return, re-establishing themselves on your property. 

Blackberry removal requires not only the right equipment for the job, but also knowledge of how this fast-spreading plant works. If it is not properly and completely uprooted and killed, the plant will come back, even if you have planted something else over it.

Some companies only work to keep blackberry bushes at bay. Landscapers can often cut and/or burn back the line of blackberry plants, but they rarely have the ability to get rid of it down to the roots. Rather than deal with constant upkeep of this invasive plant, our blackberry removal professionals get rid of it down to the roots so it cannot return.

Blackberry Removal Experts in Vancouver, WA

We get you the use of your land back with blackberry bush removal. You can build on the space, let your children or pets safely play in the area, or do anything else you want on the spot that is finally free of thick, dangerous thorns.

Did you know blackberry overgrowth makes a perfect home for many insects and rodents? Rats find it an easy place to feed and breed with the added protection the thorny plants offer. Getting rid of this host for pests can often take care of an infestation problem all together.

Call today for your lasting blackberry removal in Vancouver WA and the surrounding areas.

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