Land Clearing Vancouver WA

Trusted Professional land clearing in Vancouver, WA

Land Clearing Vancouver WALand clearing requires heavy-duty equipment and professionals who are trained and experienced in using it. Breaking Ground Excavation, Inc has served the Vancouver, WA area since 2001 with the right equipment and a team of professionals with superior training. We handle everything from large commercial lot clearing to clearing underbrush for build a residential outbuildings. Whatever size project you have, our professional land clearing in Vancouver, WA can prepare your property for construction, farming, or other use.

Get rid of unwanted overgrowth, brush, and vegetation!

Professional Underbrush Clearing and Lot Clearing

If your landscaping is being taken over with blackberry bushes or you have a large-scale garden you need a flat, clear space for, our lot clearing is the solution. Not only can we completely clear away underbrush, we also level the land. We offer full-service excavation to get your lot ready for whatever purpose you have in planned.

Our heavy-duty machinery can eat away at the thickest weeds, vines, brush, and trees. Thick vegetation can ruin equipment that is not made for the job. It is also back-breaking work for an individual to try to accomplish manually. Don’t risk injury, call our professional team. We offer safe vegetation removal you can rely on.

We completely clear your land so the vegetation is gone, down to the roots. Our well trained team ensures that no damage is done to surrounding buildings or property, so only the lot you want cleared gets touched. We even handle all the cleanup!

Call today for comprehensive residential or commercial land clearing in Vancouver, WA and all of the surrounding rural areas, from Longview, WA to Rainier, OR.