Rock Wall Construction Vancouver WA

Looking for rock wall construction in Vancouver WA?

A rock wall is a fantastic resource for your house. It’s both an aesthetic and protective element, enhancing the appearance of your property while at the same time safeguarding it from the elements. Whether you need help with your home or your business, Breaking Ground Excavation, Inc has the machines to do the job. One of our services is rock wall construction in Vancouver WA. When you choose us to create your rock wall, you won’t be getting an excavation company that nonchalantly stacks a few rocks and calls it good. With careful precision, we’ll make sure that your rock wall not only does its job, but looks impeccable doing so!

Retaining walls are an excellent resource

Rock walls also work well as a retaining wall. This works as a controlling barrier, especially between two different elevations and soil types. 

  • Rock Wall Construction Vancouver WAOne of the major reason to get retaining wall construction is for erosion control. They are especially effective at hill sides and soil fault lines.
  • While some rock walls may look like they’re simply stacked stone, they are built precisely and custom created for each property.
  • We have several varieties of rock to choose from, and we’ll suggest that one that we think best suits your property and goals.

We do rock wall construction and much more!

We do all types of residential and commercial site preparation for new construction or to make a property more usable in Vancouver WA. Rock wall construction is just one of our services!  We can also do land clearing throughout your property. This includes blackberry removal as well. We’re even able to put in your landscape drainage system for your property that’s specially adapted to the Pacific Northwest weather. So if you’re looking to change the landscape of your property, put in driveways or roads, re-grade your existing road or driveway, or need any other excavation services such as ditching, burning, hauling or rock wall construction in Vancouver WA, let us take care of all your excavation needs! Call or contact us today for more details.